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Western Golf and Country Club offers a fine work opportunity for  young men & women 14 years and older in a healthy, safe and positive environment.

Caddies at Western Golf and Country Club receive valuable training and experience where they are expected to conduct themselves in an adult manner at all times. In addition, they will work outdoors, learn about golf and good sportsmanship while earning a fair wage. Since a portion of their pay is performance based, these young people soon learn the importance of training, reliability and a good work ethic.

Western is an active contributor and supporter of the Western Golf Association/Chick Evans Scholarship Foundation. Through this foundation, caddies demonstrating high academic performance, good citizenship as well as a good caddy record are eligible to receive four year scholarships (room and board included) at the University of Michigan or Michigan State University.

In addition, the members of Western also sponsor another scholarship program dedicated to provide tuition assistance to other worthy caddies. 

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