Clubhouse Rebuild

A Brand New Clubhouse... Coming Soon!

Early morning, June 1, 2018 Western Golf & Country Club's 93 year-old historic clubhouse succumbed to a fire.  It didn't take long for help, members, employees, and neighbors to arrive and watch their memory-filled Clubhouse go down in flames. Four local fire departments battled the blaze, and by the end of the day, there was little left. 

Despite the tragic loss, WGCC still had golfers that same day... and tried to never skip a beat! The rebuild is underway and soon, we will have a brand new clubhouse. This process hasn't been without its challenges, but the dedicated members at Western Golf & Country Club  have turned a tragedy into an opportunity, and are so excited for the future.

We thank the Board of Directors, Rebuild Committees, Western Members, Guests, WGCC Team, Local Community, and Vendors for all the tireless effort and assistance as we rebuild our home away from home.

Take the Virtual Tour of the New Clubhouse