Offering youth and adult golf coaching!

Youth Classes

GLA will help your children develop into future leaders through the context of golf. We believe WHO your children become is more important than WHAT they accomplish!

Adult Classes

GLA will help you make sustainable progress towards your goals to reduce fear and frustration on the course. We aim to build a trusting, long-term partnership that guarantees measurable results. 

Happy Campers | Ages 5-10

Students will learn how to...

  • Develop a passion for the game of golf 
  • Find opportunities for learning
  • Openly share positive feelings 
  • Cope with anxiety and disappointment 
  • Respect the gold course and their playing partners

Learning to Lead | Ages 11-13

Students will learn how to...

  • Work through challenging goals
  • Express emotions and establish good rapport with peers and coaches 
  • Make appropriate adjustments on the golf course 
  • Build on feedback and suggestions 
  • Develop skills necessary to play on their high school golf team 

Leaders in the Clubhouse | Ages 14 and up 

Students will learn how to...

  • Reflect upon their actions and results of those actions 
  • Practice open communication 
  • Honor their core values and not hold on to negative self-beliefs 
  • Welcome unfamiliar situations and events 
  • Build the skills necessary to complete at the college level 

Adult Classes

  • During classes, the coaches will help with all aspects of your game...
  • Assess your overall skills
  • Structure your supervised practices 
  • Coach you to transfer your skills to the course 


  • Golf Game Assessments: learn how to improve your game
  • Adult and youth group coaching 
  • Private lessons
  • Speed Training: increase your swing speed
  • Independent training

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